Rosa Brothers Milk Company


Rosa Brothers Milk Company’s glass bottled milk products are now on the shelves of thirty-four Sprouts Farmers Markets in Northern California.

The all-natural milk products, including unique glass bottled flavored coffee creamers, are made only with milk from the Rosa third-generation dairy farm and are packaged in the company’s signature glass bottle. Current product offerings at Sprouts include conventional milks (Whole, Reduced Fat), Lactose Free Whole Milk, Half and Half, Heavy Cream, flavored milks (Chocolate, Strawberry), Vanilla Coffee Creamer, and Hazelnut Coffee Creamer.

“Rosa Brothers Milk Company glass bottled milks are a great fit for Sprouts Farmers Market,” states Noel Rosa, President of Rosa Brothers Milk Company. “Our products are what consumers are looking for when shopping for their families—wholesome, delicious products made with high-quality ingredients and packaged in environmentally friendly containers. We are thrilled to partner with Sprouts and now share our farm fresh, local goodness with its customers.”

Besides the standout benefit of reusable glass bottles being environmentally friendly, the glass bottles also provide superb insulation for what’s inside—Rosa Brothers Milk Company’s wholesome, real milk from cows. Pair that with the careful crafting of only the finest ingredients, and the result is “Udderly Delicious”!