We’re a family farm.
We were raised here and we are raising our families here.
Our goal is to sustain our family farm for generations to come.

We take recycling very seriously at our dairy. We use sand for bedding our cows and we wash it in a specifically designed alley and reuse it over and over.

Some of the feeds we use are by-products of human foods such as distillers grains, canola meal and almond hulls. These are very good sources of essential nutrients and are blended in with the supervision of professional nutritionists.

The manure from our cows is distributed on fields near the dairy to be used as fertilizer for growing the hay and grains that we in turn use to feed the cows.

Water is Reused Four Times

First, it’s used to cool the milk as it comes from the cow.

Next, that water, slightly warmer, is used to wash the cows before they are milked.

Then, that wash water is collected and pumped into concrete lanes where the cows stand to eat. These “flush lanes” stay very clean all year long, making a nice area for cows to stand and eat.

Finally, the flush water is collected and stored to be used to irrigate and fertilize the crops that feed the cows.


Capturing the sun’s energy for light, heat, hot water, and electricity can be a convenient way to save money. Whether milking our cows, cooling the cows, or powering a water pump, using the sun makes our farm more efficient.


The construction of our facility itself was built, and is repaired with, recycled pipe that had once been used in the oil drilling industry. We also reuse old tires to hold down covers on our cattle feed — tires that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.